Phoenix Rose, LLC
Custom, Unique, Original

  1. Colorado Collection
    Colorado Collection
    Hand-painted, signed, and numbered polyester long ties
  2. Custom Collection
    Custom Collection
    Hand-painted polyester and silk long ties
  3. Bow Tie Collection
    Bow Tie Collection
    Hand-painted, signed, and numbered polyester bow ties
  4. Cognitive Defusion Collection
    Cognitive Defusion Collection
    A hand-created adaptable tool for using with other cognitive defusion therapies.
My name is
Jenna Isabel Rose
Welcome to the NEW Phoenix Rose website.

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Here are testimonials from people who have purchased one of my custom hand painted ties or custom, unique, original items.

"Jenna produced a fabulous tie for my grandson's 23rd birthday.  He's a life-long lover of exotic cars, so she painted a bright red Lamborgini on a tie that featured his college school colors and even put his college letters on the license plate!  He works for a car agency, and was doubly thrilled to be able to wear it to an interview for a position at the agency's "exotic car" dealership!"

"I could not be happier with my custom painted tie from Phoenix Rose!  I wear ties daily and just can’t find good holiday ties.  That’s not a problem any longer with Jenna Rose.  Thanks to her I’m rounding out my holiday tie collection.  And the best part is…NO ONE else, anywhere, has ties like I do.  I love the one-of-a-kind aspect and I’m happy to support this local, hand-made business."

Michael L. Mestnik - A1 Benefits, Inc.